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Shun Mandolin review

Shun Mandolin

The Shun Mandolin

The Shun Mandolin is a commercial quality kitchen assistant manufactured to perform high volume slicing of hard vegetables and fruits.  It is the ultimate tool for an individual who entertains frequently or for the catering professional.  The hollow ground blade allows food to move quickly across and prevents sticking or damage to the food by reducing friction.  Scalloped potatoes or other vegetables, apple crisps and healthful snacks can all be prepared with the easy to use Mandolin design.

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Shun Mandolin Features

  • Single bevel 16 degree blade design is inspired by the 700 year old Yanagiba Japanese sword
  • Safety conscious design protects the hand and fingers on the heavy duty rail mounted hand guard
  • VG10 stainless steel blade
  • Fully customizable cut depth on blade setting
  • Removable main blade can be sharpened using a whetstone

Shun Mandolin Review

Pro: I got tired of buying one cheap mandolin after another.  I am a caterer and I find I have to replace my mandolin once per year.  I invested in the Shun Pro Mandolin and have been using the same one since 2008.  It’s an incredible product and works as well today as it did the first day I bought it.  For me it was worth the investment.

Con: The price of the mandolin makes it the most expensive one on the market, but there is no doubt it is the best.

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