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Shun Wasabi

The Shun Wasabi

The Shun Wasabi is named for “harmony and tranquility” which is the user experience when handling this superior blade.  The wasabi blade is sharpened only on one side to allow for detailed precision cutting and control and are fashioned in the ancient Japanese tradition of the Samurai sword.  True culinary professionals value the performance of superior craftsmanship.  An investment in lifelong enjoyment, the Shun Wasabi also makes an impression as a gift for weddings or corporate events.

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Shun Wasabi Features

  • Manufactured from Daido 16K High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Single edged blade for precision cutting and slicing and optimal control
  • Water and bacterial resistant Pakkawood handle
  • Hand wash only
  • Lifetime Warranty

Shun Wasabi Review

Pro: I tell my friends that it’s a mini Samurai sword.

Con: I don’t like cutting on an angle which is typically the style you are forced to adopt with a once sided blade.  It all depends on your individual preferences.  I prefer something like a Chef’s knife instead which gives me the option to cut on two sides of the blade as required.

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