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Shun Knife

Shun Messer

Shun Messer Set

The Kai Shun Messer collection is styled after the great Japanese swords and crafted with precision and comfort in mind. This attractive set features the essentials with a paring knife, a carving knife and a knife for chopping and dicing.

Unleash your creative side with the paring knife and carve your own garnishes such as radish blooms or finely detailed accents for your sushi or sashimi.

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The attractive set comes in it’s own prestigious case which makes it ideal for gift giving for just about any occasion or an idea “starter set” for your professional series culinary collection.

Shun Messer Features

  • Perfectly sized and precision sharpness
  • Paring knife is idea for a variety of creative carving for garnishes
  • Moisture resistant Pakkawood handle
  • Curvaceous blade design optimizes cutting movement
  • Bolster and handle are uniquely ergonomically shaped to prevent arm tension
  • Makes a prestigious gift for weddings, anniversaries or Corporate incentives.

Shun Messer Review

Pro: I am very particular about the preparation of my food.  As a Chef and Restaurant Owner I can discern quality and there is no better quality in the world than Japanese knives.  Shun knives are part of my essential equipment in the Restaurant and my own home.

Con: I find it a little inconvenient to have to take out the box every time I want to use them.  But I’ve invested so much in them I won’t put them loose into the knife drawer either.  As I pick up a few more knives in the collection I will likely invest in one of the bamboo blocks to solve the problem and keep them closer at hand.

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