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Shun Kaji

Shun Kaji

Shun Kaji

The Shun Kaji is a historical reference to the inherent quality and artistry in Japanese blade manufacturing.  The name Kaji is derived from the Japanese word for Master Blacksmith, an individual who was highly skilled at crafting swords and weapons for the Samurai warriors.  The Shun Kaji series are the ultimate blades for the culinary professional.  The D-shaped handle makes for superior control of the high-carbon steel and nickel alloy blade.

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Shun Kaji Features

  • Designed for precision slicing and chopping
  • Quality constructed from high-carbon steel and nickel alloy folded together, then wrapped around a core molded from SG-2 powdered steel
  • Dark Pakkawood handle in the Shun d-shape styling for optimal comfort and secure grip
  • Superior Japanese styling for the culinary professional
  • Lifetime warranty

Shun Kaji Review

Pro: The coolest knives I have ever owned!

Con: I’m not a big fan of the curved blade. I prefer a straight blade or cleaver for chopping personally.

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