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Shun Carving Set

Shun Carving Set

The Shun Carving Set

The Shun Carving Set is the ultimate in table side carving tools.  The custom fork is uniquely designed to provide a firm grip while the distinctly Japanese shaped blade is designed to pass easily through meat and bone with minimal friction preserving the presentation of the slice.  A common choice for five star restaurants offering table side carving  and fine establishments around the world, the Shun Carving Set makes a prestigious statement at any dinner party.

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Shun Carving Set Features

  • Manufactured from high carbon VG-10 stainless steel
  • Damascus blade features a wood pattern finish that reduces drag and friction during slicing
  • Designed by world renowned blade design master Ken Onion
  • Includes Japanese designed carving knife and custom fork
  • Pakkawood handles are bacterial and water resistant
  • Commercial grade (NSF Certified) professional quality for home or business use
  • A prestigious gift idea presented in a box
  • Lifetime Warranty

Shun Carving Set Review

Pro: My husband received the Shun Carving Set as a prize at a golf tournament and it sat in our dining room for about a year until my daughter (a Chef) came across them.  She was so enthused to see we owned a Shun product that we gave it a try and realized what we had been missing.  Now every time I have a roast we use that set.

Con: I don’t see the point in investing in a specific carving set when you aren’t going to use it frequently enough to justify the expense.  Unless you entertain frequently I can’t see how this would be useful or worth the investment.

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