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Shun Block Set

Shun Knife Set

Shun Knife Set

The Shun Knife Set is a comprehensive collection of the finest professional grade Japanese knives in the world.  For the discerning culinary artist or Master Chef there simply is no other product on the market that can compare to the superior design and performance of the Shun Knife Set.

This set features every possible application imaginable for home or professional use.  The 11-piece set as illustrated offers the indispensable kitchen shears, garnish knife and paring knife as well as specialized designs to carve, chop and slice.

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The Shun Knife Set will make every other knife in your kitchen obsolete.  As the ultimate collect of Shun Knives this set makes an unforgettable statement in any kitchen and a perfect gift for the culinary professional.

Shun Knife Features

  • Quality Japanese styled bamboo block
  • Comprehensive selection of professional grade knives for every occasion
  • Honing stone for self-sharpening
  • D-Shaped handle design for low arm tension and controlled grip
  • The ultimate gift for a culinary professional

Shun Knife Review

Pro: I love having everything I need in one block.  The block itself is so conveniently designed that I can select my tool easily and the kitchen shears (which I use all the time) are quick to grab when I need them.  I get so many compliments on my Shun Knives.  I simply love them!

Con: The cost is really restrictive.  I’ve added this to our bridal registry but I’m not sure if we’ll get it since it is a highly priced item.  I hope we do though.

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