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Bob Kramer

Shun Kramer

The Shun Kramer

The Shun Kramer series is a collaboration between Kershaw Knives (Shun) and Bob Kramer, an American certified Bladesmith.  His highly custom creations feature varied wood finishes and patterned blades.

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The construction of the Shun Kramer series are thicker in blade width (and heavier) than traditional Shun designs and appeal to the culinary professional.

Shun Kramer Features

  • Thick durable blade
  • Japanese manufactured design and detail
  • Custom handle with D-shape design
  • Patterned blade prevents food from sticking
  • Lifetime Warranty

Shun Kramer Review

Pro: I think this blade is worth saving up for.  I’d love to add a Bob Kramer blade to my collection. It’s on my wish list.

Con: Completely out of my price range.