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Shun Yanagiba

The Shun Yanagiba Knife

Shun Yanagiba is the perfect tool for precision cutting of delicate foods.  While some knifes used on tender meats and seafood such as shrimp, salmon and tender beef might damage the appearance of the grain and texture of the meat, the Shun Yanagiba gently moves into the meat with its pointed narrow design and offers a very high quality precision cut.  This knife is often the preferred choice for sushi chef’s who demand appearance and performance while working with soft ingredients.

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Shun Yanagiba Features

  • Available in 8 inch, 9 inch or 10 inch size
  • Designed for precision slicing
  • Quality constructed from VG-10 “super steel” which retains the sharp edge
  • Shinogi blade bevel allows for easy sharpening
  • Dark Pakkawood handle in the Shun d-shape styling for optimal comfort and secure grip
  • Superior Japanese styling for the culinary professional
  • Lifetime warranty

Shun Yanagiba Review

Pro: This blade is incredible for slicing meat and seafood thinly for Japanese recipes.  It is easy to create thin slices for use in shaving fine meats for canapes and appetizers.  A great knife that allows effortless clean precision cutting.

Con: The knife required some sharpening when it arrived in order to get the result I wanted.  Sharpening was quite easy however and once it was ready to go it quickly became one of my favorite kitchen knifes for seafood and sashimi.

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