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Shun Whetstone

Shun Whetstone

The Shun Whetstone is one option available as a compliment to your Shun Knife collection.  It too features the precision Japanese styling of the Shun series in an intuitive design which is visually pleasing and easy to use.

Culinary professionals favor the use of a whetstone for particular knives for a customized honed edge because it gives them more control over the angle of the sharpening.  Left handed Chef’s tend to apply a modified angle on their knives for superior performance.

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The Shun Whetstone features two sides.  One side offers a coarse abrasive finish for the more aggressive stage of sharpening.  This allows the knife to be honed initially.  The second side of the whetstone offers a fine finish which allows for the end finishing of the sharpening.  This polishes any rough edges left by the first stage of sharpening and enhances precision.  After both sides of the whetstone are used it is recommended that the knife be gently wiped with a damp towel to set the new razor sharp finish.

Shun Whetstone Features

  • Coarse sharpening abrasive for initial honed edging
  • Fine sharpening abrasive for finishing
  • Precision Japanese styling

Shun Whetstone Review

Pro: I wasn’t sure when I took it out of the box because I had never used a whetstone before. But it was easy to use and I get such a great level of sharpness using it that I now use it on all of my kitchen tools. The 6000 grit puts a mirror finish on all my Japanese knives!

Con: I find the whetstone a bit advanced to use and prefer the honing rod.  It’s what I’m used to.

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