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Shun Ken Onion Chef’s Knife

The Ken Onion Chef's Knife

The Shun Ken Onion Chef’s Knife is designed by the world renowned blade master Ken Onion in collaboration with Kershaw Knives.  The collection features a unique curvature of the blade and D-shaped handle for a controlled grip.

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The Chef’s knife is one of the most prestigious blades in the Ken Onion series and is featured in its own wooden base, confident of its indispensable daily use in any professional kitchen.

Shun Ken Onion Chef’s Knife Features

  • A collection of high utility knives designed by celebrity Japanese trained blade master Ken Onion
  • Constructed from 16 layers of stainless steel
  • Patterned Damascus look assists in preventing food from sticking to the blade during use
  • Water resistant Pakkawood handle with curved bolster providing additional safety and hand clearance
  • Clad with 16 layers of stainless steel for rust-free performance
  • Hand wash only
  • Lifetime Warranty

Shun Ken Onion Chef’s Knife Review

Pro: The most amazing knife I have ever known.  Anyone who comes into my kitchen makes a comment about how beautiful the knife is.  When I tell them how much I paid for it they usually gasp.  When I allow them to use it however, they understand why and many of my friends have gone out and bought their very own Ken Onion Chef’s knife!

Con: I think its dangerous to keep a sharp knife out on the counter like that.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving it displayed in a house with children.

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