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Shun Edo

The Shun Edo

The Shun Edo is an eye catching and unforgettable design featuring the unique “tsuchime” pattern which is the hammered effect.  That uniquely Japanese method assists the blade to move through any food without sticking.

The Shun Edo utility blades feature a wave like pattern to saw through harder substances while the paring and slicing purposed blades are straight edged for precision cutting, but still feature the hammered effect.  A definite conversation piece and jewel of any professionally equipped kitchen.

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Shun Edo Features

  • Ergonomic handles reduce tension in the hand and arm
  • Quality manufactured from  VG-10 “Super Steel” for retention of blade sharpness and superior performance
  • Tsuchime design (hammered blade) assists and allows food to pass across the blade without sticking
  • Resin coated Pakkawood handles are water resistant
  • Professional and chic Japanese style
  • Tsuchime in Japanese) helps the blade pass easily through food without sticking
  • Storage block features 11 slots
  • Lifetime warranty

Shun Edo Review

Pro: Anyone who has been in my kitchen has paused to comment on the beautiful and odd/unique style of the Shun Edo blade.  I’m very proud of them.  They slice through anything which is great because I’m a huge fan of melons and have always had a problem cutting a melon in half, having to dislodge the blade.  I don’t have that problem now.

Con: To me the hammered look seems to distract from the blade.  I don’t like that style of blade as a personal preference but I’ve used one and they do an amazing job.

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