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shun knivesShun Knives Reviews

Before purchasing a shun knife you may want to see a review. If you want to read through some of our reviews you can start at the shun knife review page. There is also a search box on that page so if you want to find a review for a specific knife just search for the model name and we should have a review about the pros and cons, and also a link to where you can buy it for a great price.

Where to buy Shun Knives

If you are looking for a great deal on Shun knives and accessories then one really good place to look is this page on amazon. There is a great selection there and you can find prices at up to 50% off retail!

Shun Knife Collections

There are a number of popular makes and models of knives available from Shun, below I have detailed some of the most popular knivesshun ken onion

  • Shun Ken Onion
    • The Shun Ken onion knife is one of the most renowned chef knives available on the market. This knife was designed by a professional chef who knew exactly what he wanted in a knife. Every knife is created from scratch and hand crafted to meet the highest standards.
  • Shun Reserve
    • Shun Reserve knives are among the most renowned in the shun line-up. They feature the ultra premium SG2 micro carbide core which will deliver the highest level of performance, excellent edge retention and unmatched durability. To learn more about the Shun Reserve knives, visit our review page linked to above
  • shun elite knivesShun Elite Knives
    • The Shun Elite is a series that features the pakkawood handle and the beautiful Japanese precision styling. You can get a 5 piece set, 7 piece set or the complete set. To view our review of the Shun elite knives simple click the link provided above.
  • Shun Premier Knives
    • The Shun Premier line-up offers the hand hammered Japanese quality and performance that is known among all Shun knives. The Shun Premier blades use the VG10 clad steel with 16 layers on both sides, they contain stainless damascus steel. The hand hammered steel provides a striking finish and also allows the food to release easily from the blade.
  • Shun Kaji Knives
    • shun kaji knivesThe Shun Kaji collection was developed for precision slicing and chopping. It was made from quality high-carbon steel that will keep it sharper for longer. It also features superior Japanese styling and, like all Shun knives comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Shun Classic Knives
    • shun classic knivesThe Shun classic knife collection is an international top selling line. The blades of these knives are forged from sixteen layers of steel that is folded over to give you 32 layers of steel. They are the most popular knives currently offered from Shun

About Shun Knives

If you are looking for the best knives in the world then you should definitely look into the shun knife collection. Shun knives are designed and manufactured in Japan by the Kai corporation. Although a big company is behind the production and marketing of the shun knives, this does not mean that they are mass produced. Each and every shun knife is hand crafted from start to finish, and quality tested. Every knife also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you will only ever need to buy one top quality knife and it will never need to be replaced!

Shun Knife 2012 Catalogue

If you would like to see what Shun has in store for the 2012 season check out the Shun knife catalog in PDF format, remember that if you would like to buy any of the knives in the catalog we have linked to the best deals online, just visit the link at the top of this page and then search for the knife you want.